Rooftop Safety Systems


A roof safety system is a mechanical device that enables a worker to complete a construction project safely. It comes in various forms and functions and consists of fastening plates that connect to the roof surface. A preferred embodiment is a roof safety system that comprises a base unit having opposed support flanges adapted to secure it to an adjacent building surface. The base unit may be fastened to the building surface by conventional methods such as rivets, toggle bolts, and drill-drive fasteners.
A roof safety system also incorporates roof guardrails, which are critical safety measures for rooftops. Guardrails can be permanent or temporary and can be installed around the perimeter of the roof or in designated areas. They can also be used to secure rooftop units. Other roof work safety systems include snow rail systems, which prevent accumulated snow from sliding off a steep roof.
A roof safety system can consist of a base unit and a roof hatch safety railing system. The rail system consists of rails and a retaining rail system that prevents snow and debris from falling off the roof. The rail system also prevents large objects from falling off of the roof. These are also useful if the roof has a sloping surface.
A rooftop safety system can be designed to prevent falls from any height. This system includes a harness, an anchorage, and a connector to arrest a falling worker. These components must be regularly tested and certified. A roof safety system should be installed before a construction project begins. The entire system must be compatible with the roof anchor.
A roof safety system is essential to prevent falls and injury. A fall is the number one cause of death in the construction industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-third of all construction fatalities are due to falls. In 2013, there were 291 fatal construction falls in the United States. OSHA has recognized this problem and created regulations that address human factors and equipment issues.For more info, please visit:

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